Robert Morales
Graphic Designer / Art Director




Fun and engaging promotional videos for products.


Wino Sippers

A humorous infomercial for Wino Sippers. Video & Editing: Leslie G. Baker
Graphics & Voiceover: Rob Morales

No Beer Left Behind

A promotional video for Growler Carriers.
Video & Editing: Rob Morales

Viva Techno!

A promotional video for Techno Corkscrews.
Video & Editing: Rob Morales

Which Corkscrew is Right for You?

An educational video about corkscrews.
Video & Editing: Leslie G. Baker

Shake, Rattle & Pour

A promotional video for the Shake, Rattle & Pour cocktail shaker.
Video & Editing: Rob Morales

Flight of the Drinkware

An epic promotional video for Shatterproof Drinkware.
Video & Editing: Rob Morales